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What would it be worth if you were told that your success is right there in front of you? Would you believe that your beliefs limit you back or push you forth?

What If your self-realization took you to places you only dreamt of?


Elation Life Coaching helps you conquer all that your heart desires and the mind questions.

Anil Bahl, an International certified Executive Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach from ‘Certified Coaches Alliance’, Canada; has completed a Trainer Training Certification from Complex Training Academy, Australia. He has been associated with leading Brands of India such as Livpure, LIC, Birla Group, HCL, Livgaurd, Talbros, Fortis and Delhi Government, mentoring leaders and professionals to overcome their self limiting beliefs and empower themselves. He is having more than 10,000 hours of coaching experience in the last 10 years.

His dream ‘Elation Life Coaching’ lives to prove that mentorship and coaching can turn around your life and give you that extra nudge to help you DARE.

Programs are focused on:

  • Passionately Helping Business Leaders to Identify Their Purpose and use it for their Personal and Professional Growth

  • Transforming ‘Self’, Transforming Organizations and Communities

  • Transforming Hospitals, Transforming Patient Care

  • Self-Empowerment and Creating Leaders amongst Underprivileged

  • Developing School Teachers as Life Coaches

  • Mentoring for Life Coaches

  • Helping People Quit Smoking

  • Purpose Driven Insurance Business

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