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Richie Sarswat, Co-founder and Director Livpure Smart Homes

It has been a fantastic experience to get coaching from Mr Anil. It has helped me to look at things from a different perspective and beyond. I am able to manage things much better both personally and professionally with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and peace of mind.

Trilochan Verma,Founder, Intense IP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Anil is an exceptional coach who focuses on the root cause of the problem rather than focusing on the effects caused by those problems. His style of coaching gives a positive direction and helps you achieve your goals by removing the mental blocks which one is not aware of. The one thing you can count on is his integrity towards his profession. If he commits, then he goes at length to fulfill that commitment even at his personal loss. On a personal level: he is really a nice and warm heart person. You must at least give his coaching a chance, you will give yourself a chance to change yourself towards a positive direction.

Arpit Chhabra, CEO, IoTfy

Anil is one person who has helped me realize and overcome a lot of my beliefs and bottle-necks that were holding me back in so less time that it is hard to believe. He follows a very personalized approach towards life coaching and I have seen a lot of positive changes in me and my environment all because of his coaching. I highly recommend him and I now know that he will be the person I need to approach whenever I am loosing focus or feeling under confident.

Sunita Raut, People and Culture Head, Oriflame Products, India

Anil has been my coach on two occasions. Once when the organisation chose him and the next time I chose him myself due to the success of the first time. Each goal that I defined with Anil has been achieved. He works at the conscious level and also at the subconscious level to create successes for you. His tools are robust and more than that his dedication to your success is incredible. I recently recommended a friend to take Anil's coaching and he has also reported a turnaround in less than a month. Every investment in Anil is worth much more that you can imagine.

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