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Business Meeting

Executive Coaching

Now organisations use Coaching as a way to give their 'Leaders' a leading edge and advantage in the ever-evolving business world to deliver expanded performance. Coaching helps businesses grow and strengthen from within their organisation by supporting their C-level executives amongst others.  Our Executive Coaching, CEO Coaching and Leadership Coaching programmes happen in self inquiry mode looking at holistic view of life. It is experiential in nature and comes from that the leader has all the solutions within and the coaching process helps in achieving extraordinary results in important professional areas of the leader. It also positively impacts the personal aspects of the leader.


Coaching & Training Programs

Our unique Life Coaching based transformative Learning and Development Programs are experiential in nature. We deliver customised programs chosen by our clients to overcome specific challenges of their  business, teams, leaders. 


  • Purpose Driven Insurance Business

  • Freedom from Stress

  • Increasing Self-confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Raising Energy Levels

  • Uncertainty and Fear of Future

  • Job Insecurity

  • Aligning Life Purpose with Work

  • Freedom from Financial Worries

  • Self-Empowerment by getting free from restricted ‘self-belief’ among others.

  • Inner-Child Healing

Other Programs Cover

  • Effective Communication

  • Team Work

  • Leadership Development

  • Quit Smoking with Ease, Joy and Velocity

  • Purpose Driven Insurance Business

    Extraordinary results become possible by these programs when participants get freedom from their ‘self-created’ barriers.

Psychology Session

Personal Life Coaching

Supporting Individuals, Groups to Live Life Full of Passion


Life Coaching is, looking at where you are ‘Now’ and where you want to be in your Life.

In short, it helps you introspect and realise your true, hidden potential and capabilities thus helping you identify and achieve personal and professional goals. Personal Life Coaching is an interactive process between Coach and the Client. The Coach listens, comprehends, empowers and supports the client to achieve his/her chosen goals by helping them overcome their obstacles and mental blocks. They help their clients shed their inhibitions, make them comfortable and support their beliefs.


The goals set by the clients could be in the areas of relationship, professional, finance and emotional well being. They could also be missing something in Life and might seek assistance from the coach to help find the missing link!


Heal The Healers - 'The Nurses'

We understand the world of Nurses who dedicatedly put their attention, time, with compassion for the Well Being of Patients. They facilitate, care, heal with their warmth and compassion At Elation, we understand that they are also human beings and they may also have their own personal or professional issues that they have to deal with.


These can be in the areas of their personal development, self-confidence, relationships, wealth issues or professional issues. We have taken on to provide our support to this community which not only will transform the life of Nurses, but also will take the patient services to the next higher level. 


Quit Smoking With Ease and Joy

According to WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic 2019, more than 60% of smokers want to quit smoking They want to live healthy lives. At Elation, we understand how difficult it is to get free from addiction by following conventional methods. To support this community, we have crafted a program that helps smokers get free from the sub-conscious level limitations to get them smoke-free and that too with the support of Access Consciousness based clearing tools.

Team Meeting

Mentoring for Life Coaches

Mentoring for Life Coaches program support budding Life Coaches to establish their practice to fulfill their passion to contribute to various communities. It is seen that people come from diversified filed such as finance, IT, engineering, HR come in this line and at Elation we help them in establishing their practice

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